To guarantee the full safety of our customers, we complete our offer with other safety systems that can be effectively integrated within the other security services


We care for your people's life.
We protect your people designing customized Plant Evacuation Systems.
Our evacuation solutions guarantee that as soon as fire is detected your people are safely guided to a safe place.


We design Pubblic Address and General Alarm Systems for any industry application and any kind of environment.

We know that PA/GA is critical to ensure the required levels of safety for your personnel and meet the regulatory safety standards.

The solution may include central equipment and field equipment such as loudspeakers, flashing lights (beacons), sirens, junction boxes and acoustic hoods.


The Closed Circuit Television or Video Surveillance is important to monitor and safeguarde hazardous areas and machinery.

We provide fully integrated CCTV systems that will give you all the images you need to guarantee a safe environment and an efficient process.

We can also integrate thermal cameras to enhance human perception and prevent any kind of injury


The access control is key to guarantee a full and long lasting security system. It is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes risk to the business or organization.

We generate solutions to ensure both phisical and information security. Our experts develop customized access control projects in order to implement selective restriction of access or to a place (campuses, buildings, rooms and physical IT assets) or to informations (connections to computer networks, system files and data).


We serve our customers with Innovative, Compliant, High Quality Safety Systems

We are looking forward to serving your project needs