Sole 24 Ore_SafCoEngineering’s_SM-SYSTEM
Sole 24 Ore_SafCoEngineering’s_SM-SYSTEM

Il Sole 24 Ore writes on SafCo Engineering’s innovative SM-SYSTEM

The SafCo Engineering’s innovative SM-SYSTEM ensures total and continuous control in fire detection and extinction

Always committed to guaranteeing the best Fire Detection, Alarm and Suppression systems to leading companies in the various industrial sectors, SafCo Engineering, taking advantage of the new market needs, perfects the concept of detection and extinction of fire with the innovative expandable and addressable SM -SYSTEM.

Equipped with two patents and based on the PLC platform, it is integrated for buildings and processes, uses a single language for the configuration of the detection lines and its flexibility and reliability makes it the ideal solution to meet any security requirements.

SM-SYSTEM finds recent application in the railways thanks to the ability to manage special thermal cameras inside the wagons that, through a dynamic algorithm, identify fires outbreaks, reducing false alarms and giving the signal to operate the extinguishing system